Level of care provided at Richmond House, Crieff

Level of Care

Though we do not employ nurses, Richmond House is able to cater for both residents who are funded for residential and nursing care/EMI, this is because staff attend the same and appropriate competency-based training for the management of a variety of conditions. Richmond House believes in offering the highest quality of care for all our residents, we are able to provide support through basic to more intensive care, for example:

Reduced / limited mobility

Stand aids and full body hoists, as well as adapted beds and chairs are available for use on all levels of the building. All staff are fully trained in moving and handling. We are able to assist residents with a wide range of conditions including Parkinson’s, Stroke, Arthritis, M.E. amputees, etc.

Dementia / Cognitive Impairment / Mental Health

At Richmond House, it is mandatory for all staff to complete “Promoting Excellence in Dementia Care” through NHS Education for Scotland. In addition to this, staff regularly receive training updates and supervision in working with residents who have dementia or cognitive impairments. Richmond House works closely with the Care Home Liaison Team. Staff at Richmond House are trained in CALM® (‘breakaway’) techniques if required for stress/ distress. Richmond House provide a staffing level of 1:3 to assist in the management of stress/distress behaviours as well as a large multi-sensory secure reminiscence garden and onsite therapy pets including dogs, cats, guinea pigs and hens. Richmond House is also able to provide individual support in the management of life-changing circumstances working closely with residents to create individual care plans which include techniques such as ‘pacing’, counselling, reflexology or other alternative therapies.

Nutritional Support & Modified Diets

Care home staff are trained in the promotion of a healthy diet and the use of the MUST tool and are able to refer residents to the dietetics team at PRI if required. Staff are also trained in the assisting individual who require modified diets such as thickened fluids or modified texture diets. Care home staff are also trained in the and care of residents who require enteral feeding (bolus and pump regimes), including administration of medication via PEG site. We work closely with the Community Dietetics Team at PRI.

Pressure Care

Richmond House understand the importance of good pressure care and are able to provide specialist equipment such as airflow mattresses for residents who require enhanced pressure care, as the equipment is privately owned by Richmond House there is no delay in waiting from equipment from J.E.L.S thus reducing the risk of pressure ulcers developing. Senior staff work according to the “Perth & Kinross H&SCP Reducing Pressure Ulcers in Care Homes Improvement Programme" and are able to assess and manage basic wound dressings. Senior staff follow the T.I.M.E framework regarding tissue viability.


Richmond House is a fully secure unit; all exits are secured through a key pad system. Residents have access to the multi-sensory reminiscence garden, however the gates to exit from the garden are coded to ensure safety at all times. Residents with capacity are made aware of the exit procedures on admission.

Continence Management

Staff are trained in promoting continence and work with individuals requiring prompting, supervision or assistance to empty their bladder / bowels. Staff are trained in correct catheter maintenance as well as the management of stoma sites. We work closely with the District Nurses who re-catheterise residents as required.

Medication Administration

Senior Care Staff are trained in the administration of oral medication; administration via PEG site and the administration of buccal and rectal medication in emergencies (e.g. for epilepsy).

Palliative Care

Richmond House is able to offer palliative care support for individuals with terminal and complex illnesses. Staff within the home work closely with other Health Professionals to treat or manage pain and other physical symptoms whilst also helping with any psychological, social or spiritual needs. Richmond House are able to provide a homely set up with as many personal items as individual’s wish to make this time easier. Richmond House work closely with the GP services and Community nurses regarding the use of ‘Just-in-Case’ boxes at the later stages of palliative care.

Please feel free to ask any questions regarding the level of care and support we can provide.

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